ZUZU animation will turn your child's drawings into a special custom made animation clip that will showcase the child's unique  talent and personality.

A wonderful gift for your loved ones!  

My name is Noa Tchernov, and I have this uncontrollable urge to animate children's drawings. Since I strongly believe in doing what I love, and it seems unfair to only animate my own daughter’s drawings,I decided to start ZUZU, a place where kids' drawings come to life.
I studied film and television at TAU and animation at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.


We at ZUZU believe that every child (especially yours :-)) is a creative genius. ZUZU turns your child's drawing into animated clips and brings it to life. We capture the essence of the drawing while adding a whole new element through our whimsical animation.

Our animated drawings can be a gift for you, your friends, and of course your child. They also provide a unique way to preserve your child's art digitally.

Please browse our gallery for samples of our work. Feel free to reach out to us with questions. When you're ready send us one (or two) of your child's drawings, scanned or photographed, and we will do the rest! 


Once you choose a package and complete the purchase,

choose one or two of your favorite drawings, scan them or photograph them at a high resolution.


Write us a couple of words you think will help us personalize the clip. tell us the clip's recipient: 

mom? grandad? and the occasion: birthday? parents' anniversary

or no occasion at all, just for fun (: 


Send us everything via the contact mail zuzuanimation@gmail.com and wait for our confirmation mail.

Once we confirm and approve the quality, we start making the magic. when you get the finished clip, show it off to your friends!



When we get the drawings, we manually  "break" them apart using professional graphic software, into editable layers ready to animate.

After studying the drawing, and reading what you wrote us about your your child, we choose the music, or use your choice (depending on the package) and create a storyline.   


We start working on your customized magical frame by frame animation. Depending on the package, we also create the additional ‘toppings’ such as e-vites, bragging gifs, and greeting cards.


Once the animation is done, we edit the clip with the sound/music, export it to MP4 format and send it to you, with all the additional add-ons you chose.




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